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Dear Bariatric Center Surgeon!

A new TLD (Top Level Domain) .CENTER was released some times ago.

Unified Media Consulting LTD was one of the first to register few of the medical terms connected to a .CENTER and we are now releasing them to the public.

Your dream might come through when you think about owning an Internet address like:


The one-and-only Internet address in the whole Internet could be yours!

Imagine the credibility, reputation and respect you’ll earn among your patients as well as your competition.

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Show the world who you are and don’t wait till your competitor owns the one-and-only Business Card!


Hire THE unique Internet for your Bariatric.Center!

Visit GEO Localized Bariatric Center Directory and be the first claiming your Bariatric.Center Internet address along with a listing at the directory itself, very soon to become patient’s no ONE resource, when it comes to searching for a Bariatric.Center and information regarding bariatric surgery and weight-loss.


Dan Kruschinski, MD

Medical Director

Unified Media Consulting LTD

BTW, you also can hire:





or even


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